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The information technology is the best field around the globe. This term is not only limited to the people who are skillful in the information technology but also the people who are working in other fields.  Without the information technology you can’t work in any other field even if you are working in the medical field.  But one of the major part of the IT field could be called the networking.  The networking is the source of making the connections in the system.  Networking will be able to make your connection from one country to the other without any wires.  This thing is sounding very good and that is why if you want to make at think possible from your own hand then you should do the CCNA certification.  This certification can test your skills and also give you the specialization which can allow you to work in the networking field.

How worth is it? 

When you are looking for the worth of the certification then you should remember that the cost will give you the idea how much demanding the certification is.  Ccna exam cost can go from 325 dollars to $500.  There are many categories of the CCNA certification from which the student can choose from.  The difference between the certification can go from the routing certification to the switching certification to the security certification.  All the certifications are related to CCNA network but they are specializing in specific thing.  Depends on the requirement and skill of the student the certification can be chosen.  If you have the desire to make the future in the security field then you should go for the security certification in the CCNA category which can allow you to make the mark in the security skills.

You can give the exam online

If you have found that the CCNA price is according to the budget you have then you should remember that you can now give the exam from the home also.  The agency has given the option to give the exam from their home but you have to follow some of the terms and conditions in order to apply for that.  Your exam can be done from home but only in the room which has been shown to the officials and if they allow it then you can go forward.