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There are many indoor kerosene heater reviews online. With a large variety of products to choose from there is a little homework you need to do before you buy your new indoor kerosene heater. Most of the reviews I have found focus on one or two models, the reason they are being reviewed and not all the products. If you read the entire product review it may be more helpful to you in finding the best indoor kerosene heater for you home. Here are the top 3 most reviewed products with some information about each model.

Best overall: Sun Joe SPX 1000 Indoor Kerosene Heater reviewed by: J. David Price, R.C. Pugh, and T.C. & G.P. Noland.

This heater is very similar to the old fashioned propane gas units that we used to have. The best thing about this newer indoor unit is that you can use propane for it and only use an electric outlet for the fuel source. This makes it very convenient because you no longer have to bring an old gas tank with you where you can fill up your outdoor gas tank. The cons are that it takes a lot longer to get a full charge and you do have to remember to change out the fuel at regular intervals. Overall it was our best kerosene heater choice.

Winner: Best Budget: Durock Indoor Kerosene Heater reviewed by: T.C. Noland. This one of the cheaper brands of kerosene heaters indoors. It also lasts longer and does provide some of the same heat that you would get from a more expensive brand. The cons are that it does take a long time to get a full charge and you do have to remember to change out the fuel often.

Most Popular: Sunlight Designer Kerosene Outdoor Heaters reviewed by: J. David Price. This is probably the most popular brand and most people choose to use this in their homes instead of any of the other options. This is a good choice for you if you like forced air heating or you have a small patio space that you want to heat up quickly. The cons are that it takes a long time to get a full charge and you will need to make sure that you change out the fuel often. Overall it was our highest rated heater of all of them.

Which indoor kerosene heater is best? That depends on how much you plan on using it, what you use it for and what the rating on it is. If you just want to keep your house warm, one of these should be more than enough. If you have young kids in your home and they tend to play outside, then you might want to look into getting a unit that has a carbon monoxide detector and a sensor to protect against this. Other safety features that you might consider are an automatic shut off, a touch pad for easy control and more.