Posted on: September 3, 2020 Posted by: Warren Thomas Comments: 0

Everyone loves to renovate their homes. Wooden and glass furniture is timelessly beloved. Whether it is a glass dining table, coffee tables, or a set of wooden chairs in your dining room, you have to protect them from dust and sunlight damage. The situations of mundane in everyday lifestyle can leave your wooden or glass coffee tables a sign of stains and scratches. That is the reason we should protect expensive wood and glass coffee tables from vulnerable dust and stains.

Our guide will suggest some quick tips on protecting your glass coffee tables from potential damage, heat, and moisture.

1.      Protect your coffee table from Scratches:

The best to protect your coffee tables from scratches is genuinely instinctive. Basically, make sure to pick up all objects that can slide over the glass table. Anything from jars, dishes, or glasses can possibly leave an unattractive scratch. If you have a habit of throwing your keys onto the table, try to have a small basket on your coffee table to protect the glass from scratches.

2.      Protect your wooden coffee table from Sunlight Damage:

Keep wooden coffee tables out of direct daylight from your windows. Ordinary exposure to UV beams can blur or fade away from your wooden coffee tables. You can add simple curtains, shades, or blinds in your outdoor spaces that can take care of this issue.

3.      Maintain Humidity balance:

As per the USDA Forest Service, the humidity levels can cause contracting or growing imperfections in wood items. If you live in a muggy territory, know that high humidity levels can make wooden coffee tables expand and can empower mold growth. Then again, a low level of humidity can make wood dry out and possibly break. Consider utilizing a dehumidifier to keep up your home’s dampness levels around 50-55% to keep your wooden coffee tables fresh and healthy.

4.      Use Custom Table Pads to give more protection:

Handcrafted coffee table cushions are a successful and appealing option to give extra protection to table edges. They give great protection to the corners of your coffee tables. They look identical and suit well with your home interior. Everything from water glasses to a hot dish can be set directly on top. They are a more affordable choice to glass tabletops, yet give similar usefulness. They furnished with an affixing system to keep it secure tightly without scratching or harming your coffee table.