Selection of A Target Market for Your Massage Business

Selection of A Target Market for Your Massage Business

Deciding on a target market is essential for your massage business. It allows you to attract new customers and maintain a financially viable and effective marketing campaign. The more you are aware of your current situation the more your business can glow. Visit 인천마사지 and have a look around.

Importance of Indicating A Target Market

Selecting an objective market makes choosing and designing marketing campaigns, products and services simpler for you. You can offer customized services by realizing what your current and potential customers want. It is much easier to identify where and how to promote your business with a clearly defined target market.

How to Choose A Target Market?

Creating A Profile for Target Market

A common target market profile should be built based upon the current customers. Age, gender, race, employment, schooling and income can be included in demographics. Psychographs include a person’s personal traits, such as appearance, habits, desires and lifestyle. There are four main groups for the clients who use spa services:


  • Recovery of accident and exercise, also prevention.
  • Massage for better efficiency – perfect if you have feedback with word-of – mouth references.
  • Numerous extreme cyclists, surfers, bikers and professional college athletes.

Customers Trying to Pamper Themselves

  • Strong net income individuals
  • Relaxation massage 1-4 days a month
  • Often chronic pain or complications with old injuries
  • Significant demand opportunity for anti-aging and appearance

Customers Recovering from Accidents or Injuries

  • Insurance charged regularly
  • See a chiropractor or physical trainer sometimes
  • Insurance typically provides for short-term treatment only, but consumers often pay out of the wallet

Clients Who Probably Prefer Alternative Health Care Support

  • Using other complementary therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractor, Naturopath, herbalist, etc.
  • Using massage as health care.
  • Try to get massage as much as possible-about once a month

Be Concerned with Your Current Customers

You can first decide who is your new faithful client base. Remember your potential customers and consider both general attributes and desires. The further information you look into your current client base, the easier it is to identify similar features.

Getting Benefits from The Targeted Market

Discover Massage courses supplying you with everything you need to understand about massage therapies and how to handle your business and target market. Spend some time researching your growing user base and getting acquainted with your exclusive offerings.